Thursday, August 26, 2010

Twilight in Forks: The Saga of the Real Town

This documentary interviews people from Forks, Washington, the city where author Stephenie Meyer set the Twilight series, in addition to Twilight aficionados. Interviewees include Twilight Moms, the Twilight Guy, and shrieking Twilight fans. What appears to be a theme in all the fans' comments is that they connect with the love story in Meyer's books. The story has affected fans in different ways. For example, after reading the books a 46-year-old father speaks differently to his wife and is closer to his daughter.

Most interesting is when locals talk about how the Twilight series has affected the town. Many shops sell memorabilia for the thousands of fans from around the world who now visit each year. The Twilight-related visits have helped local businesses, as the increased tourist traffic acted to offset the struggling timber industry. Also emphasized by several interviewees is the energy of fans all over the world and how well Meyer described the town in the novels. More fun trivia tidbits: the city of Forks celebrates September 13, Bella's birthday, and the town (and high school) receives mail for the Cullens. This is an interesting documentary for Twilight fans to check out, and it's only a little annoying having to listen to shrieking teenagers describe the time they traveled to the movie set and got to meet Rob Pattinson.

Twilight in Forks: The Saga of the Real Town
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