Tuesday, August 17, 2010

DVDs out August 17th

Furry Vengeance: This family-friendly comedy features Brendan Fraser as a businessman whose latest land-development project raises the ire of the area's woodland creatures. Yes, it's man vs. nature. Co-starring: Brooke Shields, Matt Prokop, and Angela Kinsey. And, keep an eye out for professional scene-stealers Ken Jeong and Wallace Shawn.
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The Last Song: Miley Cyrus takes the lead in this latest adaptation of a Nicholas Sparks novel. Cyrus stars as Veronica "Ronnie" Miller, a teenager whose life is forever changed by a summer spent at her father's home on Tybee Island, Georgia. Ronnie's father is played by the reliably affable Greg Kinnear, and Liam Hemsworth plays Ronnie's believably shirtless love interest. For those of us less susceptible to the treacly charms of Mr. Sparks and Co., I recommend Heather's light-hearted debunking of the Sparks franchise over on the Readers Block.
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  1. Lest anyone be forced to set through a Sparks movie on my account, I updated my blog post to include the Last Song. I won't say who dies here, but it's probably the person most overqualified for this movie.