Thursday, August 5, 2010

Scene stealer: Bobby Cannavale

The entire cast of 2003 film The Station Agent is superb: Peter Dinklage plays the town newcomer, Finbar, who is mourning his friend and wants to be left alone. Patricia Clarkson portrays the lonely divorcee, Olivia, who is mourning a loss as well. Yet, it is Bobby Cannavale, as Joe, mourning no one, that is a revelation. Joe is the enthusiastic and pesky hot dog vendor who worms his way into the lives of the other characters (especially the standoffish Finbar). Joe's motivation to pursue the relationships seems to be curiosity and bordem. The audience must care about Joe because it is through him that the storyline progresses. To be annoying yet still likeable is the balancing act that Cannavale must perform-- which he does to absolute realization. 

But let's face it, Cannavale's character isn't new to the cinematic realm (think Kramer from Seinfeld).  However, Cannavale adds such leveity to the film that deals with some heavier issues (dwarfism, death). He is responsible for a majority of the humor throughout this dramedy. His performance proves that often the humorous performances are better (and sometimes more difficult) than the crying on cue ones.
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