Thursday, August 26, 2010

Have you tried a PlayAway yet?

A PlayAway is the size of an MP3 Player. The PlayAway holds an entire audiobook no matter what the size. A lanyard is included for you to hang around your neck so you can listen while doing housework, gardening or just relaxing. Just plug in your headphones and go. Easy instructions are on the inside cover.

Our Children's Dept. now carry PlayAways. Some of the new titles are:
Hanna's Suitcase, Hoot, Monsters of Otherness and Sword Thief.

New titles in the Adult Dept. are: Glass Castle, Red Thread, Rembrandt Affair, Nail the Job Interview and 100 Ways to Motivate Others.

PlayAways are also great for learning a new language. We have German,
Polish, Chinese, English and Spanish.

If you haven't tried a PlayAway, try one today!