Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What we're listening to: Teen Dream by Beach House

Beach House released their third album, Teen Dream, the end of January and I am enjoying it greatly. It is a bit dreamy (maybe what inspired the title?) and what I would describe as sweeping. Any of the songs of this album would make an excellent entry on a soundtrack (preferably of a very hip tv show or movie . . . and I mean that as a compliment). It is the type of music that should be playing in the background when something really important happens in life.

I've had track eight, 10 Miles Stereo, on repeat for a couple of days; I couldn't seem to move past the haunting minor cord changes in this track. I also enjoyed tracks two and three (Silver Soul and Norway, respectively).

Teen Dream (2010)
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Devotion (2008)
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Beach House (2006)
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