Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A useful search tool for Oscar trivia

The Official Academy Awards Database (updated through the 2008 Academy Awards) is a very helpful online resource. You are able to search by film title, nominee, and song title. You can also choose to Browse Statistics and check out lists that include "Oldest/Youngest Acting Nominees" and "Winners or Films Winning Both Best Actor and Best Actress."
Example question: How many Oscar nominations did Marlon Brando receive?

Nominee Search: marlon brando

Results: Brando was nominated for 8 Oscars; he won two (Best Actor in 1954 for On the Waterfront and Best Actor in 1972 for The Godfather):

As you can see, for each nomination we see the year, award category, movie title, and name of the character played that earned him the nomination. You are also able to see the other nominations in the category by clicking on category name. So if you want to see who Brando was nominated with in 1951, click on ACTOR. If you click on a movie title you will see all the other nominations received by that film.