Monday, February 1, 2010

Even more Lost

"They're coming."
~ Jacob
We have to wait just over 24 hours until the sixth and final season of Lost premieres on ABC. A recap episode airs tomorrow at 7 PM, followed by the two-hour premiere at 8 PM. Are you all caught up with the previous seasons and ready to find out what happens to the castaways? I know I am! I always get very absorbed in Lost episodes and talk back to the TV and/or scream in response to plot developments. Who are the good guys? Who lives?! Who dies?! Which deceased castaways are returning (and why)?! Why doesn't Richard Alpert age? What year is it? And what is the island? Here are a few useful sites to bookmark and revisit as you watch the final season to get your Lost fix.

Totally Lost at After each episode this is where I go to read Jeff "Doc" Jensen's incredibly detailed and well-researched recaps. Jensen is a hard-core fan and I look forward to reading his take on each episode. Reader beware: at times Jensen's crazy enthusiasm and insightful theories cause the reader to develop headaches.

Lostpedia: A Lost encyclopedia.

Official ABC site: Watch full episodes, attend Lost University, buy Lost gear, and read character and actor bios.