Sunday, April 11, 2010

Planet 51 at the library!

75 people attended yesterday afternoon's free showing of Planet 51 at the library! I put out a variety of coloring pages that featured the characters from Planet 51 and also How to Train Your Dragon, and they all disappeared by the end of the movie. I will be sure to have more on hand for the next family-oriented film we show (Field of Dreams on April 17). I think everyone had a good time. Here is what one audience member had to say:
"I thought it was entertaining and amusing. It was like a kid designed the inventions and the humor was genius. All in all it was awesome."
-- Haley B, age 10, East Dundee
If you haven't a chance to check out Planet 51, you can put yourself on hold for a copy from the library:
Find it in the catalog!