Saturday, April 17, 2010

Movie you should check out: Big Fan

This dark comedy is about a man named Paul (Patton Oswalt) whose life revolves around the New York Giants. In his thirties, Paul lives at home with his mother and has a bedroom filled with sports memoriabilla. Paul and his best friend Sal (Kevin Corrigan) always watch the Giants games in the parking lot of the stadium. His brother and sister are both married. Paul's mother and siblings (and siblings-in-law), wonder why he doesn't want a better job or a girlfriend. At night Paul works as a parking lot attendant and thoughtfully writes in a notebook his script for the calls he makes to a late night sports radio show. Known as Paul from Staten Island, he battles back and forth with Eagles fan Philadelphia Phil (Michael Rapaport).

One day Paul and Sal spot Giants quarterback Quantrell Bishop out in public. They follow him to a club in Manhattan, where they hope to talk to him. Bishop's response to their admiration isn't what they hoped and Bishop attacks Paul, resulting in a week-long hospital stay. Members of Paul's family (including his brother, a lawyer) recommend that Paul sue Bishop. Bishop is suspended from playing and the newspapers and sports media go crazy talking about the subject of spoiled athletes who feel invincible. Paul refuses to talk to the cops and even calls in to the radio show to defend Bishop. Things get even worse from there, as Paul's life just doesn't seem right without being obsessed about the Giants.

I think Big Fan is an interesting and disturbing insight into a person who cannot live without his beloved team and quarterback. Paul lies to himself about what happened with Bishop because he lives only for the Giants. He is animated and passionate when talking about the Giants, but he is not able to connect with people in any other way.

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