Friday, April 2, 2010

Nicholas Sparks movies: Who's going to die? (Spoilers Ahead!)

 Disclaimer: It goes without saying, you shouldn't read this post if you haven't seen the movie and knowing the deceased party will ruin it for you.  Also, you probably shouldn't read it if you think The Notebook is one the most romantic books/ movies ever.   

It's seems like in all of Nicholas Sparks's books (and the movies based off them), characters fall in love only to meet some sort of tragic end.  So why waste time watching the movie when you can just find out who dies?  Spare the sap, the movie is just going to make you cry anyway!  After the jump, read the break-down of who kicks the bucket:

Message In a Bottle:

Premise:  Single mom Fate (Robin Wright Penn) finds a letter in a bottle and tracks the down the author, who turns out to be hunky shipbuilder (Kevin Costner). Paul Newman is in it!

Who dies:  The hunky shipbuilder.  He dies while sailing in a ship to visit Fate in Chicago... Guess he never heard of a car.  Gee, I wonder if he left a message for her?

A Walk to Remember

Premise: Landon (Shane West) is a local bad boy.  He is forced to do community service with a nerdy, good girl (Mandy Moore), who actually does that stuff for fun.  The two fall in love (of course), but she has a painful secret (also, of course)...  But it turns out for the best, right?

Who dies:  No, the nerdy, good girl dies of cancer.  But at least Landon is a better person now and has learned that his love is like the wind--he can't see it, but he can feel it. 

The Notebook:

Premise:  Noah (Ryan Gosling) is poor and Allie (Rachel McAdams) is rich.  They fall in love (of course) and kiss in the rain and stuff, but that doesn't change Noah's lack of pocket change.  He goes to war and she goes to college where she meets rich, handsome Lon.  She almost marries him in spite how hot Noah looks in a rain soaked white shirt. 

Who dies:  They both do, but they are old. It's as upbeat an ending as Sparks can muster! 

Nights of Rodanthe:

Premise:  Handsome doctor (Richard Gere) is not having a good time.  He accidentally killed one of his patients (oops!) and his handsome doctor son (James Franco) is mad at him.  So he goes to a bed & breakfast on the beach in North Carolina during a Nor'easter.  There he meets Adrienne (Diane Lane).  Adrienne is having problems with her estranged husband (Chris Meloni), who cheated on her and now wants to move back in. It's probably not a good idea to steal a girl from a guy with arms as big as Chris Meloni's, but something tells me these two hit it off. 

Who dies:  The older handsome doctor dies in a mudslide, after he reunites with his son.  Then, Adrienne goes to the beach and sees a lot of wild horses, it's weird.

Dear John:

Premise:  College student Savannah (Amanda Seyfried) falls for solider John (Channing Tatum), but then he re-enlists after the 9/11 attacks.  While he's away, Savannah gets engaged to someone else and writes him a literal "Dear John" letter.

Who dies:    A couple people: John's dad and Savannah's husband.  Savannah and John get back together for seconds, only die in a tragic pigeon attack (just kidding about the last part). 

Still want to see the movies?  For the gentlemen, your girlfriend/ wife/ mom will probably like them.   

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