Friday, October 16, 2009

What did you think of the movie? (17 Again)

Last night we had 17 people attend our free screening of the movie 17 Again. I thought Zac Efron gave a good performance as an adult who finds himself back in his 17 year-old body. I also loved Thomas Lennon's funny antics. I especially enjoyed the scene where he was dressed in a ridiculous outfit to meet with the school principal; he explained he was "peacocking." The credits after the movie had a nice touch--the names of the stars and crew were accompanied by their high school photos. The song played at the end, Naive, is by one of my favorite bands, the Kooks, so I enjoyed that little surprise.

Did you attend the movie last night, or have you seen it in the theater or on DVD? What did you think?

If you haven't watched 17 Again yet, put yourself on the waiting list for one of the library's copies:
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