Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What we're watching...

Man v. Food
(Wednesdays at 9 PM on the Travel Channel)

Man v. Food follows Adam Richman, "a regular guy with a serious appetite," as he travels to cities around the United States visiting restaurants and "pigout spots" that serve large portions. At the end of each episode Adam tackles a seemingly impossible eating challenge. In San Francisco at the San Francisco Creamery he faced the Kitchen Sink Challenge that consisted of eight softball-sized scoops of ice cream covered in toppings like whipped cream, sprinkles, bananas, and nuts. His response to being faced with this mound of ice cream? "I'm gonna tackle it like a demon cobra." At The Big Texan in Amarillo, Texas, Adam tried the 72 oz. Steak Dinner Challenge: "Enough talk. I wanna eat this bicycle seat made of meat." For this challenge, participants must eat the 72 oz. steak, a dinner roll, baked potato, and dinner salad. If you haven't seen these episodes yet I won't ruin the outcome for you.

No matter what is placed in front of him and no matter how huge the portion or how spicy the flavor, Adam takes unbelievably big bites in hopes of besting his competitor, food. Adam is a very funny guy; it's obvious he loves food and loves what he does. Originally from New York City, he received his Master's in drama at Yale and has worked in restaurants at a variety of jobs and locations. I thought the stuff Guy Fieri features on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives was crazy but the places Adam visits are even crazier. I can't help but wonder what his doctor says about the amount of food he eats. I recently starting watching Man v. Food in August; Adam's undying enthusiasm for food immediately drew me in to watch more episodes. Old episodes are often repeated before and after the week's newest episode if you are interested in witnessing any of the battles between Adam Richman, the man, and food. In tonight's episode he visits Springfield, Illinois!

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