Saturday, October 3, 2009

When I need a pick-me-up

When I'm down in the dumps I usually go for any of the following on this list to act as my pick-me-ups.

Watching The Food Network is always very calming for me. But I know that when I watch Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives or shows with Paula Deen my mood will immediately lighten.  I love all of the phrases Guy Fieri uses to describe the food he tastes (i.e. "money," "legit," and "off the hook"). He is a very charming host and can talk to anyone. I also especially enjoy Paula's Home Cooking and Paula's Best Dishes. Paula Deen talks directly to the viewer; she cooks comfort food and I also find her voice itself to be very comforting. During any episode that includes one or both of her sons Jamie and Bobby, I usually end up laughing throughout the entire show because of the wonderful chemistry they share.

Other times when I am sad or just not in a good mood I gravitate toward watching almost any Will Ferrell movie. I know many people find him annoying but I love his goofy comedy style, especially in films like Anchorman, Blades of Glory, Elf, and Step Brothers. I always feel better after watching a Will Ferrell movie because of the endless number of hilarious quotes, like this one from Step Brothers: "Listen, I know that we started out as foe. But after that courageous act that you showed me against the one they call Derek, maybe someday we could become friends."

When I put on a Flight of the Conchords CD at the beginning of the day I forget any tiredness or  worries I may have. The song topics and lyrics from this duo from New Zealand are laugh-out-loud funny. One of my favorite songs is "The Most Beautiful Girl in the Room:"  "And when you're on the street / Depending on the street / I bet you are definitely in the top three / Good looking girls on the street / Depending on the street."

So those are my top go-to's to cure the blues. Are there any TV shows, movies or CDs you like to watch or listen to when you're feeling down?