Friday, August 21, 2009

What we're listening to...

Tonight by Franz Ferdinand:

This is the group's third album, and it's another good one.  I find that I always can listen to a Franz Ferdinand CD from the first to last track without wanting to skip over songs.  To me many of the songs they've released in the past have been very easy to dance to ("Take Me Out," "This Fire," "You Could Have it Much Better"), and on this album the band goes even further; "Lucid Dreams" ends with a couple minutes of trance-like music.  

Tonight begins with the fast-paced, danceable "Ulysses" and then continues with high-energy songs like "Turn It On" and "No You Girls."  The end of the album mellows like the hushed epilogue of a night of partying, finishing with the quiet, stripped down "Katherine Kiss Me," which reworks the lyrics of "No You Girls."

I have plenty of favorites from Tonight.  My favorite song to turn the volume up to, though, just might be "Bite Hard."  Lead singer Alex Kapranos starts out singing so quietly it's difficult to hear the words.  After he sings "you don't know the pseudonyms I assume / for you" the song and bass-line really kick in, and I always find myself singing along with "are you happier now / that the gods are dying?"