Monday, August 10, 2009

What we're listening to...

Konk by the Kooks:

The Kooks, from Brighton, England, are one of my favorite bands.  I first got into the Kooks when I heard "She Moves in Her Own Way," from their first album Inside In/Inside Out, on Virgin radio.  I describe the Kooks as a Brit pop/rock band; whenever I put on their CDs I get a jolt of energy because most of their songs are uptempo.  While I think all the tracks on this album are strong I especially love listening to "Tick of Time," which sounds like we're cutting in on a jam session.  A few seconds into it the band members stop singing and start laughing.  After a few strokes of the guitar the band starts in on the song itself, which I believe is recorded in one take.  I just have so much fun singing along to that song.  Check out Konk or Inside In/Inside Out and see if you get hooked on the Kooks like I did!