Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Vote for what films you want to watch at the library in 2011

Lots of great movies will be released on DVD in late 2010 and early 2011 and I'm trying to see which titles are most popular. I've added two polls in the sidebar on the right side of the blog. As long as DVD release dates are not pushed back I will try to schedule the most popular movies to be shown at the library first. In order to get the information in the next newsletter I'll have to set the December-January-February schedule by mid-October. So, vote for what popular releases you are interested in watching. Don't forget to vote for what should be our next classic film series! The current film series for September-October-November is Stephen King Adaptations. What should be the next one? The films of Bogart and Bacall? Box office favorites from the '50s? Or maybe you prefer the '80s. I couldn't get the poll to include write-in votes for different decades but I do provide that option on the paper ballots available at Movie Nights.

You can fill out a paper ballot to vote for your favorites at the upcoming movies: The Bounty Hunter (tonight at 6 PM), The Spy Next Door (Saturday at 2 PM), and The Clash of the Titans (October 13 at 6 PM).