Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Audio Obsession: Lost in the Dream by the War on Drugs

Lost in the Dream by the War on Drugs (2014).
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This album has been on permanent repeat in my car since it came out in March.  I’ve been a fan of the War on Drugs since their 2011 album, Slave Ambient.  The band has a dreamy, sprawling sound that makes for excellent road music.  Additionally, I’m a huge sucker for break-up albums, which Lost in the Dream sort of is.  However, singer Adam Granduciel’s lyrical angst and anxiety span far beyond just the fate of one relationship.

A mixture of shoegaze and classic rock (think: Springsteen and Dylan), the War on Drugs has a sound that is familiar, but more expansive and distinctive.  Sort of like comfort food listening for the perpetually anxious.  Philadelphia guitarist Kurt Vile used to be a member of the band, and he’s probably the best touchstone for their sound.  However, Vile’s solo albums tend to be less complex and more upbeat.  Lost in the Dream incorporates a variety of sounds (synth riffs, horn blasts, discordant noise) into its guitar and drum driven propulsion forward.  Adam Granduciel’s voice is noticeably less Dylanesque here than on the band’s two previous album; which as much as I adore Dylan, is a nice change.  It makes his voice less distracting and blends-in better with the sound of the band’s music.

Overall, this is definitely my favorite album by the War on Drugs to date, and my favorite album of the year so far.  Stand out tracks for me include: “An Ocean Between the Waves,” “Suffering,”  the titular track “Lost in the Dream” and closer “In Reverse.”  Though all of the tracks on the album are enjoyable.  If you are planning on going on a road trip this summer, this album (or really anything by the War on Drugs) would make an excellent soundtrack!