Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What we're listening to: Circuital by My Morning Jacket

My Morning Jacket have recently released Circuital and it's a bit of a return to the sound that MMJ fans know and love (although, I will go on record as saying that I didn't have a problem with their last disc, Evil Urges). Upon first listen I was drawn to the title track Circuital. It has a good beat and builds slowly. Now, I'm in the midst of digging (and repeating) track four, Wonderful (The Way I Feel). The song features the MMJ tradition of infusing a bit of country sound into their rock and according to the A.V. Club the lyrics are "sweetly sappy," but I just plain like the sentiment:

I'm going where there ain't no fear
I'm going where the spirit is near
I'm going where the living is easy
And people are kind
A new state of mind

I'm going where there ain't no police
I'm going where there ain't no disease
I'm going where there ain't no need
To escape from what is
Only spirits at ease

Track five, Outta My System has a chorus that will get stuck in your head and Holdin' on to Black Metal (track six) has a rollicking feel, complete with a small backing chorus. Ultimately, I dig Jim James and his voice. His normal signing voice almost sounds lazy and a little disconnected, but his falsetto is just so careful and, well, soulful. I'm fascinated by the contrast and this disc showcases it once again.

Circuital by My Morning Jacket
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