Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Time Capsule Cinema: The Sound of Music

Originally premiered in New York City on March 2, 1965.

Growing up, I wore out our VHS recorded copy; I watched it repeatedly on the weekends. I know all the words to all the songs and I can recite dialogue. To this day, I adore Julie Andrews and think it a shame she can no longer sing. So, all of this may be trite, but I was reminded why I love this movie so much after seeing the recent Oprah episode with the reunited cast. It hits a nerve for many people.

Based on a true story, Julie Andrews plays Maria, a young woman unsure of her commitment to become a nun. The Mother Superior directs her to become the governess for a motherless local family. The father, Georg Von Trapp (Christopher Plummer), is a Captain in the Austrian navy. Naturally, the two do not see eye-to-eye initially. The children are skeptical of Maria as well. Once she begins teaching them to sing, the tides turn. And, eventually a romance develops between Maria and the Captain, but it's not happily ever after yet-- the government begins to put pressure on the Captain to serve the Nazi agenda.

It has everything one could possibly want in a movie: romance, comedy, suspense, a little bit of action, and good music. I would also argue that the plot is deeper than most musicals; defying oppressive governments and leaving your home is not the stuff of most family entertainment.

If you've never seen this movie, or just want to be nostalgic, take a look at The Sound of Music.
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