Friday, January 22, 2010

Finding eBooks and eAudiobooks

If an audiobook is checked out at the library, your only option is to place it on hold and wait for another library to send it to Dundee, right? Not necessarily. We also have a collection of digital (or electronic) books, audiobooks, and videos that you can download to your home computer. You will need your library card number, personal computer, and free reader software (Adobe or Mobipocket Reader for eBooks, OverDrive Media Console for AV downloads) in order to download the titles. Loan periods vary for the titles, and at the end of the load period the file automatically expires on your computer. For help and frequently asked questions click here.

Browsing and Searching for eBooks
Just to give you an idea of what's available, if you do a search for electronic books you'll retrieve over 4,500 results because the search will return both books and audiobooks. If you only want to browse the digital collection of audiobooks (eAudiobooks), search electronic books and audiobooks. In order to browse the digital collection of videos (eVideos), search electronic videos. By the way, you only want to search Dundee's holdings. Do not select "All libraries" from the drop-down menu next to the search box.

To see which books by a particular author are available to download, search the author's name and electronic books. Ex: Charles Dickens and electronic books

Checking out eBooks

Click on Details to view the record for the eBook or eAudiobook you want to download. In this case I picked the eAudiobook of Bleak House. Click to download the audiobook; you will be taken to the North Suburban Digial Consortium - Digital Catalog and Download Center page.

As long as the item is not already checked out, you can add it to your BookBag:

The item record will also tell you what formats the audiobook will play on:

The BookBag is similar to your shopping cart. You are able to checkout up to 15 eBooks at a time. After you click on Proceed to Checkout you will select Dundee Township Public Library District from the drop-down menu and then enter your library card number.

Have fun! More to come soon on eVideos!