Friday, September 11, 2009

Scene stealer: Ken Jeong

Ken Jeong is an actor you have probably seen on TV or in movies. He has roles in new movies The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard (still playing in some theaters) with Jeremy Piven and All About Steve with Sandra Bullock and Bradley Cooper. Jeong also shared scenes with Cooper in the summer hit The Hangover as Mr. Chow. This fall Jeong forms part of the cast of the well-reviewed new TV show Community, which stars Joel McHale and Chevy Chase.

Jeong steals the spotlight in other movies. In Role Models (2008), as King Argotron, he is one of the Medieval re-enactors who is hilariously protected by his followers. Perhaps he is most memorable in the role of Dr. Kuni in Knocked Up (2007). He is one of the many doctors rejected by expecting parents Ben (Seth Rogen) and Alison (Katherine Heigl). Dr. Kuni interrogates Allison: "Do you smoke cigarettes? Do. You. Smoke. Cigarettes?!" Later in the movie when the doctor they have chosen is out of town at a bar mitzvah, Ben and Allison end up with the intimidating Dr. Kuni delivering the baby. The two-disc edition of the Knocked Up DVD has an outrageously funny extra of Jeong improving has Dr. Kuni. You will laugh so hard you won't be able to breathe.