Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Breaking News!!!

The Dundee Library will raise the roof with renovations July 27-September.
The Dundee Township Public Library will renew more than books this August when they jump start a $1.775 million renovation project that will completely re-create the library’s public spaces.
On June 8, the library’s Board of Trustees approved an ordinance to repair the building and adopt a financing plan. The total renovation will be funded by the library’s Special Reserve Fund. This is the first and only renovation to the building since it was built in 1973.
Board President, Lenore McDonald, explained, “Our goal is to make the library more comfortable, open and inviting to our patrons. Before voting to renovate our existing building, we considered three options: the construction of a new library facility, an expansion of the current library, or a renovation of the current building. Upon further evaluation, we discovered system inefficiencies sure to lead to increased maintenance costs. With the current economic climate not conducive to raising the needed funds for a new building or expansion project, the Trustees decided to immediately undertake delayed maintenance and renovation of the existing Dundee Township Library building,” said McDonald.
Take a look at the official press release on our website at http://www.dundeelibrary.info/.